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Posted: Friday, October 26, 2001

... for a Day of Caring:

Saturday, Oct. 4, 2001, was a Day of Caring in our community. Ten volunteers from UAS converged upon the Zach Gordon Youth Center armed with cleaning rags, brooms, hammers, screwdrivers and ambition. They generously spent three hours of their time cleaning and improving the center. Thank you. Events of this type are great reminders of what a caring community we live in and make me proud to be a resident of Juneau Alaska.

Kristi West

Manager, Zach Gordon Youth Center

...for all your help

Thanks to the cooperation of Juneau's three Rotary Clubs, Big K's footwear wholesaler Footstar Meldisco, Catholic Community Service, and numerous other individuals, businesses and organizations. Footwear For Families was able to distribute over 500 pairs of boots and shoes with a street value of over $9,000 throughout Juneau and numerous other communities in Southeast Alaska.

Footwear For Families would like to acknowledge the following for their financial contributions to this worthwhile project: Juneau's three Rotary Clubs: Glacier Valley Rotary Club, Juneau Rotary Club and Gastineau Rotary Club for generously funding this project!

Juneau's Big K Footwear Wholesaler Footstar Meldisco for giving us a rock bottom price on their clearance inventory and the help of Emily Katzeek and her assistants.

Catholic Community Service: Debbi Howard for inventorying, packaging, distributing, documenting all boot shipments, a daunting task! Helen Idzik for assembling a list of needs and distributing to Hispanic families throughout St. Paul's. Claire Fordyce for distributing to children from the Healthy Families Program. Helen Kalk for distributing footwear to families and children of St. Vincent de Paul's transitional housing and day care. Volunteer Fred Howard for assisting in bagging, delivering and shipping shoes.

Max Mertz for playing a key role in the development of the Footwear for Families concept and for his valuable input and support for this project.

Diocese of Juneau and Wings of Alaska for providing storage for boots from April through September, and through June for the shoes.

The Alaska Marine Highway, Wings of Alaska and LAB Flying Service for providing transportation of the footwear to Kake, Hoonah, Angoon and Kake. Alaska Airlines for providing transportation to Ketchikan and Sitka. The Juneau Empire for transporting the footwear to the Glory Hole and the ferry terminal.

Also, thanks to the Glory Hole, Angoon Salvation Army, Haines Senior Center, Hoonah Indian Association and Organized Village of Kake.

Ray Vidic deserves special recognition for giving birth to this idea that provides shoes to low-income persons in Southeast Alaska, for finding the funding sources, for arranging the purchases annually and for keeping all key players motivated.

Due to the generosity of the above individuals, organizations and businesses many lives were touched. Thank you Juneau and thank you Southeast Alaska!

The Footwear for Families Team

...for making event successful

The first Open House at the Capitol was an educational and entertaining experience enjoyed by nearly 250 Juneau families and visitors. The Alaska Democracy Project and the Alaska Committee want to thank everyone who made this event a success. The tour guides - Shawn Blumenshine, Colin Conerton, Sam Copenhagen, Lily Schmitz and Bryon Wild - were wonderfully entertaining, while conveying historical information about our Capitol and legislative processes. Assistance with refreshments and clean-up was admirably volunteered by Nikki Blumenshine, Amanda Green, Laura Heumann, Erin Kelly, Edward Mertz and Terra Moreland.

Generous donations of refreshments were provided by Super Bear, Carrs Quality Center, Fred Meyer, Costco, Alaskan and Proud, McDonalds and Heritage Coffee Company. Thanks also to Copy Express for donations of posters.

The Open House was supported by the Legislative Affairs Agency, which also sponsors tours of the Capitol during the summer tourist months. Thanks to Don Johnston, building manager, and to Chuck Moreland and the rest of the maintenance staff who facilitated the use of the Capitol on a state holiday.

And many thanks to Juneaus adults and children who came out on a wet Alaska Day to share the rich history and importance of Juneau as our capital city.

Margo Waring, Alaska Committee

Marjorie Menzi, Alaska Democracy Project

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