Sept. 11, 2001

Posted: Friday, October 26, 2001

Close your eyes.

Can you still see my face?

Or are you corrupted by labels and race?

I am still here

I'm waiting for you to see

That color is skin deep, beneath I'm still me.

Give me your hand.

Do you feel the texture of my skin?

You can't, because you can't tell

Where I stop and you begin.

I'll give you my heart.

Do you feel my pain?

It's from words of hate

Said over and over again.

Cut your skin.

What do you see?

A flow of justice, trying to be free?

Look in my eyes.

Can you see what I feel?

The longing for unity

For love to be real.

Blind your face.

Do you care what I look like?

Are you still on your guard

Ready to fight?

Listen to me

And you'll see that I'm real

That there's more ways than one

To see and to feel.

Are you still there?

Still breathing and thinking?

Still wanting and knowing?

Hurting and needing?

I am too,

And if you put your hand in mine

We can get through this together

Beating this battle through time.

Dedicated to the tragedy that occurred on Sept. 11, 2001.

Justina Jensen


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