Don't use accident to push agenda

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, October 26, 2003


her Oct. 23 letter, Ms. Thurston is asking that the Empire include in their accident reports whether cell phone usageis connected with an accident. It seems that after a tragedy we search for an answer, a reason for something that we can't understand. Perhaps reporting on cell phone usage when involved in an accident would raise awareness of this issue. But there is something disturbing about using this boy's death as a way to bring this issue up. To bring the driverinvolved in the accidentinto question is also disturbing. Since there was no mention of cell phone usage in connection with this accident, it seems best not to speculate. Perhaps another time when we can look at and discuss this issue without involving those who are surely going through grief and devastation would be more approptiate.

Dagny Willis


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