There needs to be a 'Please Slow Down' day

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, October 26, 2003

Everyone and everything seems to have a designated day now. I can think of one more which we may need to throw in the barrel. How about a first annual "Please Slow Down" day?

Throwing a dart at my calendar, it looks like Thursday, Oct. 30, is up for designation. How appropriate, too. It always seems to snow or freeze on Hallow's Eve.

How about everyone please remember that the unofficial bumper-to-bumper 65 miles an hour on Egan in the summertime will officially be over soon. Actually, just the other day it was about 30 degrees near the flats during the morning rush hour.

I remember seeing what looked like a mother driving faster than anyone else, tailgating as close as she could physically get to the car in front of her - with a young child in the passenger seat.

I am not very politically correct, so you'll excuse me if I ask what kind of person would do that?

We all know what I am talking about is not an isolated incident. Don't get me all wrong - I think that if everyone drives safely, we could probably bump up the summertime speed limit a little bit. I am not a total speed Nazi.

Just remember, that even if all the lights go your way, you will have saved exactly 1 minute and 41 seconds off of your trip from the valley to downtown, or vice versa (assuming you are driving 10 mph faster than the limit).

So what do you want us to put on your epitaph? "Here lies Lead-Foot Larry; he saved about an hour over the last year by driving fast and tailgating - too bad he also saved about 40 more years of living?" Let's assume that you live, and maim or kill someone else.

Are you prepared to help their family write the epitaph for their loved one, or push around their wheelchair for the rest of their life? If you think I am being paranoid, take two minutes and call our local emergency or police department. You don't think it happens in Juneau? Don't think it will happen to you? If you want to win the Darwin Award, I am all for it. Just don't do it when other people's lives are at stake.

If any of my friends or family arehurt by a reckless driver, that driver will learn my name and I will never let them forget. Please slow down or get on the bus. Juneau is not Seattle or L.A. or any other city down south. We live here because we don't want to wreck ourselves over the crazy day-to-day pace so many other places have succumbed to.

I guarantee you that if you slow down just a little bit and give the cars in front of you a little more space, you will be much more relaxed at work or wherever you are going. All you have to do is set your alarm clock 1 minute and 41 seconds earlier.

Cory Heimbuch


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