A family's sincerest sympathy and prayers

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, October 26, 2003

From our family to Skyler's family, our sincerest sympathy and prayers. I have noticed a big difference in many drivers' attitudes lately and it is for the better.

I walk a lot and take the city bus a lot, and have encountered so many close calls to being hit or run over by careless drivers. I am very cautious when I have to cross the highway or street and yet I still come close to being hit.

I have seen careless drivers either talking on their cell phone, reading a paper while tying to hold a coffee cup in the other hand, talking to the other passenger, fixing their hair, stare-driving, you name it.

Does this describe you?

I have complained to the cops about the Stephen Richards drive and how I almost get hit crossing the crosswalk, and not just once but many.

They told me to write down the license plate number and description of the vehicle and report it. Try scrambling for a notepad while running out of the way for your life, while they speed off.

Lately it's been different, and I want to compliment and thank all drivers who have shown consideration for the pedestrians. I was taking the morning city bus the day after the child's accident and I was overwhelmed at what I observed for the first time in Juneau.

Whenever the bus stopped, all traffic came to a complete stop and let the children cross the street on their way to school. So often I see kids battling traffic just to get to school. It should never be this way, never.

I really see the need for every driver to extend respect and consideration to the next generation of drivers. We are the ones who are teaching this attitude to our kids.

Speaking as a parent, kids watch what we do and learn whether it's good or bad.

Thank you, take care.

Janice Nicklie


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