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Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, October 26, 2003

Recently I was quoted in various newspapers as being critical of the cruise ship industry.

The newspapers that quoted me, however, improperly attributed the statements I made in my capacity as an attorney for the Marine Engineers' Beneficial Association; at no time was I speaking for, or on behalf, of the Marine Engineers' Beneficial Association when I addressed cruise ship practices.

Indeed, none of the quotes attributed to me pertaining to cruise ships should be read as stating the views of the Marine Engineers' Beneficial Association.

The comments attributed to me were taken much too broadly and do not reflect current practices of the cruise ship industry.

Many of the cruise ship lines are attempting to be good corporate citizens and have improved their management practices, especially in the labor and environmental areas.

I appreciate your consideration in publishing this entire letter in order to correct the out-of-context statement attributed to me as well as to clarify any confusion that may have been caused by the inaccurate suggestion that any statements I have made related to the cruise ship industry are somehow attributable to the Marine Engineers' Beneficial Association.

Joe Geldhof


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