Darwin was an "evocreationist"

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Even though Wade R. Rogers has a lot to say (letters to the editor on Aug. 22 and Oct. 20), it is obvious he has never read "Origin of the Species" or the Bible. By read, I mean word for word, beginning to end.

In reference to Charles Darwin's beliefs: Darwin states in the last chapter his recognition of the creator and three times in the created first "few forms." By his own words Charles Darwin was an evocreationist. Recognizing a creator is not congruent with being an agnostic.

Mr. Rogers' derogatory remark about "a religion whose core is a belief that blood must be shed" obviously is referring to Christianity, indirectly Judaism. In Old Testament scripture we find that life itself was recognized to exist in the blood. Apparently the Jewish approach to human and animal biology was that the spark of being alive resided in the blood, as opposed to the heart, lungs or brain. Therefore Jesus, God's answer to our sin, gave his blood, his life, for you and me.

Marlin Bricker


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