Disgusted with Juneau politics

Posted: Friday, October 26, 2007

If ever there were four words that accurately describe my general disgust and frustration with Juneau politics specifically, and politics in general, they would be "for the time being."

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Dr. Carolyn V. Brown's letter on Oct. 24 states, "Voters have voted. The die has been cast for the time being."

The operative words here are that the voters have voted. You live in a democracy. Get over it. Move on. And quit trying to do end runs until it comes out the way you have deemed it should be; instead, lead on to another solution. Or don't you have one? Quit chiding the majority who chose a different path. We're not children.

How many times have Alaska voters decided that the capital is Juneau, and how many times has it been put on a ballot? Who's actually winning here? Who's making all the money by making these issues keep recurring endlessly? It sure as heck isn't us taxpayers. Big money doesn't get to make all the decisions, although the past couple of elections show that it certainly can't be discounted either.

Hooray for the people who actually took their responsibilities as citizens seriously and got out and voted. The folks who couldn't be bothered getting off their duffs to cast a ballot are the ones who should be chided.

Sandra Johnston


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