Take down Men's Crisis Center sign

Posted: Sunday, October 26, 2008

So far, we've had members of the Men's Crisis Center defending their right to play poker, get drunk, and just have some good clean fun.

I would like to challenge the members of the Juneau Chapter of the Men's Crisis Center to invite their wives or girlfriends, sisters-in-law, daughters, the women next door, and their moms over for a beer and a tour of their Web site. That would include the links to explicit sexual advice regarding their wife's sister, a woman's place in the kitchen, etc.

Let Juneau know if those women believe it's a harmless group of guys just hanging out for laughs and fellowship.

That highway sign on North Douglas is a sign to the Web site. The state of Alaska now knows what this group stands for and that the joke is over. Take it down.

Barbara Belknap

Juneau NOW member

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