Posted: Monday, October 26, 2009

Roughhouse Boxing at Marlintini's Lounge had tap-outs, knockouts and even an unprecedented draw decision in a women's bout.

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Michael Penn / Juneau Empire
Michael Penn / Juneau Empire

In the main event, 18-year-old Brian Lauth had the reach on 2008 Southeast Showdown middleweight champion Shaun Guthrie, finding a sweet spot on the jaw that sent the champ to the mat early in the match.

"It was a good hit; he got me good," said Guthrie after the fight.

Guthrie wasn't on his back long. When Lauth stood posing victoriously over the laid-out boxer, he triggered Guthrie to jump up and go after Lauth while bouncers scrambled to restrain them. Lauth accepted Guthrie's offer to fight MMA next month.

Hailing from New Mexico, Marques Jackson, 22, a University of Alaska Southeast student majoring in outdoor studies, defeated his friend and fellow UAS student, Ketchikan's Mike Jepson, 22, in one of the two MMA fights of the night. In round one, Jackson and Jepson, both first-time fighters, traded some punches before Jackson took the fight to the ground. In round two, Jackson used a sweeping leg take-down and a chokehold that had Jepson tapping out before he passed out.

"I was seeing stars, so I tapped on his arm," said Jepson afterthe fight.

The two trained together for their first bouts.

Jason McDonald, 33, grabbed his first win against Dillon West, 21, in an MMA fight that was over 53 seconds into round one. West tried to take McDonald down early, but McDonald ended up dominating by forcing West into submission

Kaylee "Make My Day" Day, 23, and Jessica Sheakley, 22, earned a draw for their bout that had the women trading head blows all three rounds. Both women stayed tough and plan to rematch next month.

Klawock's James "The Beast" Roberts Jr., 24, defeated Kyle Bischuff, 27, bringing his record to 6-3-0.

"I need to start training; that's why I lost the fight," said Alaska Marine Lines employee Bischuff, adding "him having a hundred pounds on me didn't help either."

Round one had both boxers even, then "The Beast" stood his ground against Bischuff. In round two, Roberts out-tagged Bischuff, who left his head open. Roberts, whose long black hair covered his face, stayed in the center of the ring to earn the win as Bischuff circled and danced around him in round three.

Juneau's Benjamin Sheakley, 24, defeated first-time fighter Rick Ransbottom, 24, of North Pole, who wanted to try boxing for the challenge. During round one, Ransbottom knocked down Sheakley, who then returned the favor in the second round. Sheakley grabbed the win by being the aggressor in the third round.

Hoonah's Elijah Sheakley, 31, defeated Kake's Martin Pate, 22, who recently got out of the Marines, in an evenly matched bout. Sheakley exploded from the starting bell and Pate had to get on his game quickly. In round two, both boxers stayed tough, trading heavy leather. Then, Sheakley poured it on in the third, tagging Pate with a right hook that had referee Joe Isturis issuing him a standing eight count.

November fights will feature Jessie "The Roofer" Soloman taking on Toni Talamali.

"It should be a really good fight; those are two really tough guys," said boxing promoter Bob Haag.

Nov. 13, there will also be a rematch of Brian Lauth and Shaun Guthrie fighting MMA, and Alice Storm of Anchorage will fly in to take on Selena Slack. Anthony Manacio IV will fight Davy Johnson.

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