Murkowski's sorry legacy being formed before our eyes

Posted: Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lisa Murkowski's lasting legacy is being formed before our very eyes. It is a sorry legacy of a me-first attitude toward her party and her political tone-deafness toward the August primary voter that has reacted to their concerns with alternating calls of "all-is-well" indifference and accusatory catcalls of carpetbagger extremism.

Murkowski's unnecessary write-in campaign has poisoned the atmosphere between state Republicans, all in the name of protecting her perch in the U.S. Senate where she will champion the muddling middle, but sorry to say, not the Republican platform. Besides inflaming political passions to the point of civil war, she has greedily dried up resources for other candidates in local races; campaign cash and volunteers have been shifted away from local candidates to their detriment. For this, Republican losses in the state will be squarely laid at Murkowski's feet.

Finally, and most importantly, Murkowski has greeted concerns of the direction of the country with lady-like indifference that all is well and the good times of federal cash will continue. When the nationwide movement of the tea party comes to the state with calls to return the country to its traditional values and that Republican officeholders adhere to the Republican platform,

Murkowski's reaction is to smear them with the badge of extremism. How dare they accuse her beloved federal government of bureaucratic tyranny and irresponsibility? How dare they demand fiscal sanity and legislative accountability? According to Murkowski, we are supposed to kow-tow and make nice if we want to continue living off the Chinese-financed federal largesse.

Sadly, Murkowski's game plan and vision for Alaska is to continue eating from the King's table and pretend that all is well.

Mike Dunton


• Dunton is the chairman of District 8 of the Alaska Republican Party.

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