Money and vote should go to McAdams

Posted: Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Funny or not, we've had a lot to laugh about lately, especially the cruel absurdity of our U.S. Senate race. GOP primary winner Joe Miller, an outside-sponsored tea party member, claims incumbent Lisa Murkowski just isn't reactionary enough, while she cries "Yes I am! Yes I am!!" Wow.

While Murkowski and Miller bicker over who will most obstruct any useful progress, Democrat Scott McAdams has been tirelessly promoting his philosophy of discourse, moderation, and constructive change.

We Alaskans, with McAdams, have at least the hope of contributing some rationality to the U.S. Senate. Murkowski and Miller have been very clear, in word and deed, that they will not.

I'm voting for McAdams, but first I'm sending him a $100 check. I urge all Alaskans to do the same.

Phil Stewart

Auke Bay

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