Continuing the Hudson legacy

Posted: Sunday, October 27, 2002

I've known Bruce Weyhrauch for many years as a my friend and as the attorney for the Southeast Alaska Pilots Association. As a Southeast Alaska marine pilot for 24 years I've been involved in many issues that were debated in our Legislature. I've been able to see Bruce work with legislators and his knowledge of the numerous Southeast Alaska issues, from fishing to recreation to tourism, continue to impress me. Bruce has a fine reputation and is known as a man who will work hard for us in Juneau and the S.E. Region. He has already been to Ketchikan to lobby for support on the capital and to encourage mutual support on regional issues.

Juneau will miss Bill Hudson, but Bruce will pick up where Bill left off. As a member of the House majority, Bruce will fight to keep the Legislature in Juneau. Bruce is very aware of the economic challenges facing us in Southeast Alaska. He will work hard to close the fiscal gap by working to keep our economy moving forward. He will support tourism and strive to make our marine transportation industry stable, and hopefully, growing. His experience with our commercial fishing fleet will allow their issues to carried forward in the legislative halls.

I know Bruce will carry on Bill Hudson's legacy of honesty, fairness, and putting Alaskans first. Please vote for Bruce Weyhrauch on Nov. 5.

Dale O. Collins


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