Cathy follows through

Posted: Sunday, October 27, 2002

I am voting for Cathy Muñoz to represent Juneau in the Alaska state Senate.

When Cathy ran for election to the Juneau Assembly, part of her platform was improving transportation infrastructure. She won the Assembly seat. The reconstruction of the roadways and sidewalks at the McDonald's-Nugget Mall-Airport intersections and the resulting improved safety for pedestrians and vehicular traffic attest to her ability to follow through.

Cathy cares about the working men and women of Juneau not only in government but the private sector as well. This she showed while in the Assembly by her support of the Project Labor Agreement, a bargaining tool guaranteeing local hire, used by the city in all large construction projects. Application of the PLA is still used in negotiations today.

Lets give Cathy a chance.

T. Kelly Corrigan


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