A display of boorish behavior

Posted: Sunday, October 27, 2002

I was dismayed by how poorly moderated the Ulmer-Murkowski debate was on Monday, Oct. 21, and found the event excruciating to watch. In my opinion, Mr. Murkowski did not follow the guidelines of the debate and should have been asked to stop speaking every time he strayed from the designated structure of the event. Repeatedly, he did not ask questions when it was his turn to ask questions, nor did he offer rebuttals when it was his turn to rebut; instead he was allowed to talk on and on about issues that were not even being addressed by the people asking the questions!

There were a couple of instances where the moderator and the questioners tried to curtail Mr. Murkowski's rants, but for the most part he was free to promote his platform without having to adhere to the format of the debate. In complete opposition to Mr. Murkowski's boorish behavior, Fran Ulmer appeared poised, well informed, articulate and focused, and was easily able to follow the instructions of the moderator.

Although frustrating to watch, this debate did go a long way toward reinforcing my impression that Frank Murkowski has little regard for those not of his ilk and is little more than just another self-serving politician.

Mary G. Cook


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