No excuses, Ms. Ulmer

Posted: Sunday, October 27, 2002

The primary function of the lieutenant governor is to run the elections. It is a job that takes responsibility and attention, but is certainly not to the level of responsibility that it takes to govern all of Alaska. We never had any problems with elections during my term as lieutenant governor.

Fran Ulmer, a law school graduate, has been lieutenant governor for eight years. Tony Knowles, by comparison, does not possess Ms. Ulmer's level of education and previously ran a delicatessen.

I personally have a hard time accepting Ms. Ulmer's promise of change. She has had eight years to bring about change. Ms. Ulmer has had the best access of anyone to Knowles. No excuses.

Recently, the election process was seriously flawed and jeopardized by a faulty mail-out. Although a subordinate may have taken blame for the mistake, responsibility does not, and should not stop there, Ms. Ulmer. Your office, your responsibility, your mistake. No excuses, Ms. Ulmer.

My concern is this, Ms. Ulmer: If you can't run a single-task office and choose to let others accept responsibility for a major blunder and choose to disavow your own responsibility, how well do you plan to run the entire state of Alaska - if ever given the chance?

John B. "Jack" Coghill

North Pole

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