State needs to learn fiscal responsibility

Posted: Monday, October 27, 2003

At statehood, a major portion of our private property mineral rights were negotiated away.

We property owners were told that the state would manage our mineral rights for the benefit of all.

We would receive a dividend, much like a stock dividend, to compensate us for loss of this significant right.

Now, unrestrained state spending threatens our dividend.

The proposed and highly-promoted P.O.M.V. is not the answer.

Alaska spends more than twice as much as any other state per person and for what? Our roads are bad. Our schools do not educate.

DFYS is out of control. Bureaucrats at all levels justify their existence by promoting "good ideas" that are only good on paper - witness the Anchorage fish processing plant, Healy coal-fired power plant, the Delta barley project, the Valdez grain elevators, the Palmer packing house, and many other high-profile and expensive projects.

And just generally excessive state employee hiring, spending, etc.

So stop spending.

Just freeze spending at this year's levels until we can get this spiral stopped.

Or have the oil companies pay citizens the royalty checks directly and we will submit to an income tax to run the state.

Hands off my dividend!

Ruby Kime


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