Time to protest wolf hunting in Alaska

Posted: Monday, October 27, 2003

Alaska Gov. Frank Murkowski recently approved legislation to allow the resumption of aerial wolf hunting in Alaska.

This action came in spite of clear directions from the people of Alaska, who voted in 1996 to ban land-and-shoot wolf hunting, and in 2000 to stop private citizens from using aircraft to track and kill wolves for state predator control programs.

The law is based on the assumption that decreasing predator numbers will increase moose and caribou populations available for human hunting, a claim that has never been supported by scientific evidence.

In 1996, wolf hunt opponents successfully campaigned against the state of Alaska's wolf hunting plans by boycotting national and international tour companies and Alaska businesses.

It is time once again to revive the Alaska wolf hunt boycott.

Alaska state officials must be told that wolves are not to be used as tools to increase profits for the Alaska hunting industry.

Does the Alaska tourism industry really want to promote the image of blood-soaked Arctic wolves lying in the snow?

Do you want to travel to a state that promotes the killing of wolves for profit?

Contact the Alaska State Legislature and Governor Murkowski, contact your travel agents, contact your favorite tour companies and let them know that you do not want to vacation in a state that sanctions aerial wolf hunting.

Michael A. Lewis

Santa Cruz, Calif.

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