Bashing and whining, or not

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Previous writers in recent times have eloquently supported the need for a change in presidents, but I have the urge to counter a few recent comments against change. First, regarding Dave Fremming's letter (Empire, Oct. 13); yes, of course, Sen. Stevens has been good for the Alaskan economy. But, I wish we could do away with pork-barreling. It's a form of welfare, but inconsistent and uneven. Both parties do it.

It sounds like Democrats thinking of tax and spend - with a twist for Republicans: spend, spend and cut taxes. Let's be a little concerned with what would happen if our foreign creditors suddenly called in a trillion or two of our national debt? Then, about voting for Lisa, her strident attempt to give away Berners Bay land is enough reason to tip the scales to Tony.

Regarding Judy Haffner's letter (Empire, Oct. 13): I'm not even a Democrat, but I'd be as loath to vote for Bush as she would be for Kerry. As for lying, we could at least call it a draw. And "hate-filled" letters from Democrats. Could this be a pot-kettle situation?

Someone said that 85 percent thought there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Surely there was a like proportion who realized that Saddam was not an immediate threat, if at all, to the U.S.

Next, in response to John Mielke's letter (Empire, Sept. 13): He really resents the Bush-bashing. What is he doing re-bashing?

Finally, we come to J. Marc Mulkey's letter (Empire, Oct. 12). If it's an idiotic belief that Bush stole the 2000 election, it probably follows that one is an idiot for believing it. Actually, W. Bush didn't steal it, he just allowed brother Jeb Bush to do it for him in Florida.

But Republicans take heart; your party probably will find a way to win again, unless the Democrats learn from 2000.

Jeb Bush recently pushed through a rule in Florida to outlaw manual recounts, but the state court threw it out. In July he did another felons list with Hispanics left off, as they tend to vote Republican in Florida. This list had so many errors that it had to be scrapped.

I expect to get bashed for being a basher and to be whined at for being a whiner - unless we could dispense with those two terms?

Ward Lamb


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