Marijuana should not be legalized in Alaska

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Vote no on Ballot Measure No. 2. If kids were allowed to have possession of marijuana, kids would take advantage of it, get marijuana and hurt themselves. Kids might steal it from their parents, older siblings, or just steal it from the store.

Marijuana use can also lead to drug and alcohol use. Officer Paul Comolli mentioned that alcohol is being more abused everyday, so I ask you, do you want your children to become addicted to drugs, alcohol, or marijuana at a very young age?

In my opinion, I think kids only use drugs and alcohol because of peer pressure. They think it is cool because everyone is doing it, and because they see adults doing it, like their parents and older siblings, and they want to be just like them.

When I hear people talking about marijuana and how it doesn't kill people, I just want to say to them that cigarettes kill people, so why do they think marijuana doesn't kill? Marijuana is more deadly. If marijuana becomes legal, adults may spend all their money on it, get addicted to it and then it will ruin their lives and their families' lives.

So I urge you to vote no on Ballot Measure No. 2.

Katy Vanderwerf

Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School


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