Weyhrauch represents partisan interests

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, October 27, 2004

As Chairman of the House State Affairs Committee, Republican Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch is responsible for killing a lot of good legislation. We will probably never know if he was acting alone or in concert with his caucus buddies, but the bottom line is legislation that should have been openly debated was never given a hearing.

HB 352 would have funded the Longevity Bonus Program through June 2005. HB 393 and HB 462 would have phased out Longevity Bonus Program payments by 20 percent a year. HJR 11 would have put a constitutional amendment on the ballot to end the Legislature's policy of closed door meetings and private caucuses when discussing the public's business. HCR 15 would prohibit introduction of legislation "by committee," so all bills would be required to list the names of sponsors. HB 448 would change the definition of lobbyist to be more consistent with a previous citizen's initiative. As co-chair of the House Special Committee on Ways and Means, Rep. Weyhrauch helped kill HB 441, which would have made modest changes to the severance tax paid by oil companies. All of the above legislation died without a hearing.

When Weyhrauch killed this legislation, was he representing the best interest of his constituents and Alaska, or protecting the secret political agenda of his party bosses?

Fred Sturman


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