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Posted: Sunday, October 28, 2001

This week, we're featuring all new fiction for Juneau Public Libraries patrons!

"Cozy," by Parnell Hall, is a mystery featuring detective Stanley Hastings, who is vacationing with his wife at a trendy New England bed and breakfast and minding his own business when guests start dropping dead. As a prime witness and maybe even suspect, Stanley feels obliged to solve the crime, especially since no one but he seems to notice all the odd coincidences piling up around him.

"Water Touching Stone," by Eliot Pattison, takes readers back to Tibet with Shan Tao Yun, the former inspector-general from Beijing. Released from the gulag and aided by a Kazakh woman, Shan makes his way through China to find the killers of a venerated teacher, killers who have begun stalking the teacher's students.

"Never Dream of Dying," by Raymond Benson, is the latest James Bond novel. On the scene when a trap is set on a movie shoot and many are killed and injured, Bond is convinced that a crime organization called the Union is responsible. He sets out to discover what has happened to a friend who was tracking the blind ringleader of the Union and, along the way, is called on to protect a glamorous movie star whose ex-husband has Union connections.

"Misconception," by Robert Shapiro, poses questions about the lengths one might go to in order to protect a reputation. Dr. Daniel Wyatt is on top of the world; he's got a wife, a career, a hero's reputation, and now, a nomination to the post of Surgeon General of the United States. When a weekend of infidelity ends in pregnancy, he slips his lover a RU-486 pill and considers the matter over. Instead, it is just beginning...

"Hammerfall," by C.J. Cherryh, is part of the Gene Wars series. Marak has been exiled from his home and sent to the madman's city of Oburan because of the voices he has heard since childhood. Once there, he is enjoined by his world's dictatorial leader to venture east and find the source of the voices that torment so many of his world. What he finds is another quest, one which could save his world if he is successful and which, if he fails, will mean doom.

"Last of the Dixie Heroes," by Peter Abrahams, tells the harrowing story of a man whose life abruptly bisects into "Modern" and "Civil War." Roy Hill, named for a Confederate war hero, joins a Civil War reenactment group just for fun, but as his "Modern" life falls apart, the "Civil War" portion becomes more and more real. Suddenly he finds himself a member of a hard-core splinter group marching out to do battle with real guns and a real goal.

"A Clod of Wayward Marl," by Rick DeMarinis, (a master at black humor), is the story of a paperback crime-novelist, Guido Tarkenen, who is hired as a literature professor at a half-credited school on the Rio Grande. By dint of his novels, he is the acknowledged "expert" on campus when murder and mayhem begin, and all expect him to unmask the killers.

"In the City of Shy Hunters," by Tom Spanbauer, is set in 1980s Manhattan, just as the AIDS epidemic is taking off. It is the story of William Parker, who moves to New York to escape small-town Wyoming and to search for his lost love, Charlie. He finds a community, a new love and, ultimately, purpose.

Next week:, New non-fiction!

If you'd like to place a hold on any of these titles, call the Juneau Public Libraries at 586-5249. If you have Internet access, your library card, and a PIN, you can place your own holds by going to our Web site ( and looking at our catalog.

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