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Posted: Sunday, October 28, 2001

Joel Orelove's silly remarks about Sen. Frank Murkowski in Word of Mouth was uncalled for. The senator gave serious thought four years ago about running for governor and decided against it. Also, the senator announced many, many months ago he would make up his mind about running for governor in the fall. As a lifelong Juneauite I like to think our community is still small enough that we can engage in our political differences without making personal attacks which have nothing to do with the candidates' qualifications or political stands for public office.

Sen. Murkowski was raised in the Wrangell-Ketchikan area and several decades ago lost a congressional race to Congressman Nick Begich. Frank will make a great governor and both political parties in Juneau need his support to keep the Legislature in Juneau. Making nasty personal remarks does nothing to solidify this support. As a former Democrat, I can remember the good old days when we had two great senators (Bob Bartlett, Democrat, and Ernest Gruening, Democrat). Of course we also had Bill Egan, Democrat, whom I am proud to say I voted for in every primary and general election for 20 years. I also liked Congressman Ralph Rivers, Democrat. In 1959, the Alaska Democrats controlled everything. How things have changed and the Alaska Democrats have very few victories to crow about. I realize it is tough being a Juneau Democrat in a state that votes pretty strong Republican.

Not only are most members of our two great political parties united against terrorism, but we need the same unity in keeping the legislature in Juneau and you don't accomplish this by making silly unfounded statements about the man who most likely will be the next governor of Alaska.

I have always considered myself an American first, Alaskan second and now a Republican third.

Ralph Swap


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