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Posted: Sunday, October 28, 2001

It is time for the Assembly, Planning Commission, staff and citizens of Juneau to call DOT&PF to be accountable! Some time ago I wrote to Commissioner Perkins with respect to the fact that, contrary to state law, the DOT&PF had commenced reconstruction of Old Dairy Road and Glacier Highway between Mendenhall Loop Road and Brotherhood Bridge without Planning Commission approval. Such approval is required by AS 35.30.010. The Planning Commission granted approval with the condition that sidewalks be included in accordance with Assembly action on the Area Wide Transportation Plan. DOT&PF continued with the project but without the sidewalks. Now the DOT&PF is also in violation of the permit granted by the Planning Commission.

My letters to the commissioner regarding this issue were printed in the Empire as well as a reply attributed to Bob Doll which was actually signed by Gary Hayden. The response was flawed, to say the least and be kind. I have pointed out the flaws in the DOT&PF reasoning in a follow-up letter to Mr. Doll with copies to the mayor and Planning Commissioner Dybdahl. As of Oct. 23, the last Planning Commission meeting I attended, the only response to the CBJ from DOT&PF was a letter promising sidewalks would be in the next (2004-06) Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). Absolutely no justification for their flagrant violation of state statutes and CBJ permits!

It is patently obvious that DOT&PF intends to ignore the issue hoping it will go away! While many will consider sidewalks to be insignificant, the issue of DOT&PF flagrantly violating statutes and permit regulations is not trivial. If you want specific data on the issues I suggest you review all letters between DOT&PF and myself on this issue and judge for yourself. Somebody must call DOT&PF to task for non-accountability!

Roger W. Allington, PE, PTOE


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