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Oceana, salmon fishermen 'have common goals'
In a letter published in the Empire on Oct. 23, Richard Schmitz personally attacks me and my organization, Oceana. Oceana's goal (and a personal goal) is to restore and protect our ocean resources, including maintaining viable commercial, recreational and subsistence fisheries.

No excuses, Ms. Ulmer
The primary function of the lieutenant governor is to run the elections. It is a job that takes responsibility and attention, but is certainly not to the level of responsibility that it takes to govern all of Alaska. We never had any problems with elections during my term as lieutenant governor.

Juneau treasures
We are fortunate to have two fine candidates for Juneau's Senate seat. I appreciate Cathy Muñoz' long service on the Assembly. I hope she will continue to serve the public in many ways, with her proven care and talent.

Experienced senator
I've been amused at the tenor of Cathy Muñoz's campaign for state Senate. Cathy and some of her supporters think that legislators must be at all committee meetings to be effective.

It's not 'beauty' that's needed
In your Friday paper I read Erik Lie-Nielsen's letter to the editor supposedly contrasting the gubernatorial contest between Fran Ulmer and Frank Murkowski as a contest between Beauty and the Beast. He referred to Frank Murkowski as an "egocentric, rude, money-oriented, boorish, blockheaded, offensive retrograde, regressive, and taking support from Big Oil and Big Business largely from outside the state."

A supporter of the salmon industry
Those of us in the salmon industry know we are in big trouble. Farmed salmon have literally taken over the market place. Last season was the final straw: The prices were so low that many fishermen couldn't afford to fish and many who did fish had limited markets for their catch. To cap off a disastrous season, Gov. Knowles declared the 2002 salmon season an economic emergency.

Government should enhance private-sector economy
Alaska has the opportunity to return to its "statehood roots" and get out of the environmental "dark ages" we have been laboring under since the gubernatorial election of 1974. This can be accomplished by electing Frank Murkowski governor in the upcoming election.

Senators like ours
My concern is education. We must always ask ourselves: Are we doing enough for our children and grandchildren?

Integrity and moral fiber
I strongly encourage people to cast their vote for Bruce Weyhrauch for state House. I first heard of my father's friend when they worked on private non-profit hatchery issues.

Constitutional convention
Alaska's Constitution is one of the best, if not the best, in the United States. It is recognized and used as a model by constitutional scholars around the world. It provides for the protection of group and individual rights. It establishes checks and balances between the three branches of government (legislative, executive, judicial) and the people. It is concise, flexible, and individual parts can be changed or added as needed. One such addition, made in 1972, was our Right To Privacy amendment. The amendment process works well for handling specific areas of concern.

End domestic violence
While it is commendable that 350 people marched in Juneau for peace, how many people marched this month to end domestic violence? Until we have peace in our homes and families, how can we ever hope to achieve world peace ?

Getting nervous?
The supporters of Kim Elton must be getting nervous because they're starting to use dirty campaigning.

'Backwater' relations
As a former Sitka resident, I have to take offense with Donn Liston characterizing it as a "backwater." I was raised in Sitka and know many smart, hard-working,friendly people that are anything but "backwater." It is comments like that that drive a wedge between Juneau and the other fine communities in S.E. Alaska.

In praise of the effort
I wish to thank certain community members who sacrificed their time and effort to address a potentially divisive issue in Juneau.

Endorsement based on gossip, not facts
I wrote the Empire's editorial endorsement of Knowles-Ulmer eight years ago, and I've had the privilege of working for them for the past seven years. So, yes, your endorsement of Frank Murkowski over Fran Ulmer really cheese me off.

Continuing the Hudson legacy
I've known Bruce Weyhrauch for many years as a my friend and as the attorney for the Southeast Alaska Pilots Association. As a Southeast Alaska marine pilot for 24 years I've been involved in many issues that were debated in our Legislature.

Fairness for fishermen
Our fishing industry is too important to give it less than our best. I would appreciate your assistance in making sure residents of Alaska's coastal communities are not misled about my position.

Cathy will make a positive difference
I believe in Cathy Muñoz and what she stands for. Cathy is a very well rounded individual who has been involved in local and state politics since childhood.

Advocate for children
For me, the critical issue in this year's race for governor is how Alaska treats kids. Fran Ulmer has proven she truly values Alaska's young people and understands how we as a state can promote our children's health and well-being. Fran has always been an advocate for children. In the last eight years alone she has been instrumental in establishing and supporting the Alaska Children's Trust fund, and has been outspoken in promoting the governor's children's agenda, including Denali Kidcare.

Don't appease the majority
I am a lifelong Alaskan and I believe Kim Elton has done a great job as Juneau's senator for the past four years. We are lucky Kim is willing to serve. Kim fights hard every day for the families and working people of Juneau and brings home real results because of his integrity, honesty, and sincere commitment to doing the right thing - not just for the people of Juneau, but for all Alaskans.

A leader with courage
We are fortunate to have a candidate for governor who believes Alaskans are grown up enough to hear the truth and smart enough to understand straight talk about the future of this state.

Senate majority insults voters
Two huge issues confronted the state in the last Legislature - subsistence and a state fiscal plan. The Alaska Senate stonewalled both, bringing us no closer to the solutions the public wanted. What did the majority that controlled the senate do instead?

Response to Empire's endorsement
I suppose we shouldn't be surprised by the Juneau Empire's endorsement of Frank Murkowski. But, oh for the days when a hometown newspaper was owned by people who lived in the town! For what does this endorsement represent?

Cathy gets the vote
When we compare the two candidates for our Senate seat, I can only support one candidate and that is Cathy Muñoz. She is not a one-issue candidate. I have known Cathy since she was in high school with our children and it is rewarding to see how she has grown into a responsible young women.

Printing question
The problem of the voters pamphlets going to the wrong regions is a very bad mistake but I have a question that has concerned me for some time, which is: Why is the printing of the pamphlets being done in another state when Alaska has well-qualified printers who may have caught the mistake before printing as they would known the names and where they belonged.

The need for more
The mantra of the day seems to be "No more..." Whether one is listening to news of local, state, national or international concerns, one hears "No more...."

Imagine the ideal governor
Imagine a governor who is honest, genuine, smart, hard working, personable, and easy to understand. Imagine a governor who becomes as informed as possible before making decisions, makes every attempt to understand all points of view, and is responsible with the use of public money.

Bus policy leaves kids in tears and in danger
My wife and 11-year old-daughter came home in tears yesterday thanks to our school bus driver. Apparently Hannah rushed off the bus at DZ to retrieve a birthday party invitation for a friend. When she returned the door was closed so she tapped on the door. Instead of acting like a sentient being or kind citizen and opening the portal for the child, the driver chose instead to wag his finger at her, sit for another minute and then drive off. Her backpack and school work were in the bus.

Remember state pride?
Recent debates and statements to the media have sharpened Alaskans' collective vision of the two front-running gubernatorial candidate's platforms. Fran Ulmer says she will tax my income and your income to pay for more government. Frank Murkowski says that the fiscal gap can be narrowed with the kind of economic stimulus that Alaska hasn't seen for the last eight years; and that new taxes won't be part of his plan. Fran Ulmer says she just might want your permanent fund dividend so that she won't have to cut budgets or raise non-tax revenues. Frank Murkowski knows that PFDs are vital to Alaskans, and has proposed a fiscal plan that will keep politician's hands out of our wallets.

A display of boorish behavior
I was dismayed by how poorly moderated the Ulmer-Murkowski debate was on Monday, Oct. 21, and found the event excruciating to watch. In my opinion, Mr. Murkowski did not follow the guidelines of the debate and should have been asked to stop speaking every time he strayed from the designated structure of the event.

Ignore the editorial
I'm not surprised the publisher of the Empire endorsed the Republican candidate for governor in the Sunday edition, given the conservative flavor of the editorial page in recent years. But I think Mr. Smith has it backwards, and should perhaps go to Washington where he will feel more comfortable, and where his choice for governor actually belongs. A Sitka writer said it best in a letter published here some time ago, when he stated the obvious: We need Sen. Murkowski in the U.S. Senate where he usually knows what's going on and, teamed with our delegation, can get things done. His campaign thus far has proved that he knows far too little about what it takes to govern Alaska.

Qualities of character
I met Cathy Muñoz when she first joined the Republican Party as a young adult. Cathy demonstrates enthusiasm, dedication, honesty and integrity. Cathy is hard working, and has a very pleasant personality.

Apology is due
Fran Ulmer owes U.S. Sen. Frank Murkowski a huge apology for her party's recent targeted mailing labeling him a "Corporate Accomplice" with the Enron and WorldCom debacles, accusing him of aiding and abetting corporate greed. The flyer suggests that Sen. Murkowski is somehow a criminal by placing a silhouetted caricature holding a name and number in front of cell bars.

Worthy of trust
For me, the most important thing in a candidate is what kind of person he or she is. Kim Elton is the most ethical guy in the world. He'll always tell you exactly what he thinks, even if he knows you may not like it.

Heart and experience
As a teacher, I have kept an interested eye on state funding for education and school construction. I am voting to re-elect Sen. Kim Elton because he understands the complicated mechanics of the foundation formula, how it works for both urban and rural districts, and the need to offset the erosion of inflation on our classrooms.

Treacherous road
The other day Don Young had quite a bit to say about the need to construct a road between Juneau and Skagway in order to save the capital. Anyone who has not yet made up their mind on this issue might want to read an article entitled "Journey to Juneau: By Land It's a Horror Fraught with Moose."

The best candidate
Sen. Kim Elton deserves reelection because of his great success in bringing good jobs and economic development to Juneau.

Cathy follows through
I am voting for Cathy Muñoz to represent Juneau in the Alaska state Senate.

The Republican Senate Leadership Council has been actively involved in all 17 Alaska Senate races being held this election cycle.

Cathy's integrity beyond question
Cathy Muñoz is the choice for the Filipinos in Juneau. For us, party affiliation is not that important, but family is. Cathy is one of our family. She shows compassion for our needs and concerns. She has reached out to our community and shown that she truly cares.

Cathy's voice needed
Cathy Muñoz is skilled at balancing many diverse opinions. A good example of this was her work as co-chair of the Trails Working Group. Cathy brought together the Forest Service, CBJ, Department of Natural Resources, Trail Mix, small business owners, and the public to complete the first comprehensive plan which supported local business while mitigating the impacts of tourism.

Thanks for rejecting 'the political thing'
A recent letter writer noted that Sen. Kim Elton disappointed him by voting against a resolution encouraging Congress to make burning the flag unconstitutional.

Bipartisan efforts
"Alaska leads the nation in alcohol abuse. Statistics show that 80 percent of all crimes are committed by individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs." - U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens, Republican

Third-party consequences
In the last presidential election in some states well intentioned voters put their state into the Bush column by voting for a third-party candidate.

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Police and Fire
Reports from Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers.

Bike company may withdraw trail tour proposal
The city's Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee is scheduled to consider a proposal Tuesday that would allow commercial bike tours on part of the Kaxdigoowu Heen Trail near Brotherhood Bridge, although the company proposing the tours will likely withdraw its application.

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

March for peace draws hundreds
About 350 people marched along Egan Drive near the Mendenhall Valley on Saturday morning to demonstrate against war with Iraq. Some carried signs reading "No more killing," "Not in our name," or held up bamboo poles with large origami birds representing peace. The march coincided with international protests against U.S. efforts to lead a war against Iraq if Saddam Hussein does not comply with numerous United Nations resolutions to disarm, imposed after Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990 and lost the Persian Gulf War in 1991.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Bear shot after attacking dog
A Thane resident killed a black bear known for causing problems in the neighborhood Saturday evening after it attacked his dog.

Bear snubs cheese pinwheels for bath
A black bear making the rounds in the Thane area apparently prefers cleanliness over fresh-baked cheese pinwheels.Suey Linzmeier, who lives just past Sheep Creek, had heard a bear was causing trouble in her neighborhood. But the news didn't brace her for the shock of finding one in her woodshed at about 2 p.m. Monday.

Cruise ship researcher to speak
Ross Klein, an author and professor of sociology at Memorial University of Newfoundland in St. John's, will speak about his research on the cruise ship industry in Juneau on Wednesday.

Duck Creek coming back
For the first time in the nine years Wilson Valentine has lived near the headwaters of Duck Creek, he has seen fish in the stream."It was exciting to see because we're all the way at the headwaters, and now there are salmon getting that far," Valentine said.

Police search for valley rapist
Police are looking for a man who allegedly broke into a woman's Mendenhall Valley home and raped her over the weekend.

Cultural program at JDHS guides Natives to further schooling
Certainly, Tlingit ancestors paddling cedar canoes off the shores of Auke Village did not greet each other with the phrase, "What's up, dawg?"But at least 30 Tlingit teenagers in Juneau can rattle off that phrase and two dozen more traditional phrases in Tlingit, thanks to the Tlingit language and culture class they attend weekly at the University of Alaska Southeast as part of the Early Scholars program.

Calling to curb session move
Sen. Kim Elton, a Democrat, and Republican challenger Cathy Muñoz call Juneau residents Sunday urging them to vote no on ballot measure No. 2, which would move legislative sessions out of Juneau.

Victoria "Tori" RoseAlynn Wilson
Victoria "Tori" RoseAlynn Wilson, born Aug. 6, 1999, died on October 21 at Children's Hospital in Seattle due to complications from a Cord Blood Transplant.

My Turn: 8 years of growth under Knowles, Ulmer
Paulette Simpson's doom-and-gloom portrayal of how Juneau has fared under the Knowles-Ulmer Administration (Empire, Oct. 24 was filled with numerous inaccuracies and misleading statements.

My Turn: More taxes or more business?
While some advocate reinstating the individual income tax or tapping Alaska Permanent Fund earnings to cover the state's fiscal gap, candidate for governor, Sen. Frank Murkowski, says he will seek more business. His plan is to build roads, railroads, ferries and power interties to attract business and provide good jobs for Alaskans. It provides more revenue for the state general fund and the Permanent Fund because there still is an income tax and other taxes upon corporations, large and small.

My Turn: Better to stick with Bradfield Canal Road facts
As the old saying goes, if you have the facts then argue the facts, if you have the law then argue the law, if you have neither then pound the table. Lorne Sexton's recent letter about the proposed Bradfield Road shows that he has resorted to pounding the table and petty name-calling. Let's step back from his diatribe and look rationally at the facts surrounding the Bradfield Road proposal.

My Turn: Alaskans cannot afford to gamble on the gas project
On Nov. 5, Alaskans should soundly reject Ballot Measure 3 because it is bad public policy that puts our most important state resources at risk.

My Turn: Don't punish all for mistakes of a few
On Thursday, at Cope Park, a Juneau animal control officer gave me a verbal warning that my dog, a 10 year-old well-behaved Labrador, had to be leashed at all times in the park. My dog had been sitting next to me, no more than 10 feet away, chewing a stick. The officer indicated that I would be fined the next time, and that fines would escalate with each event.

Empire editorial: It's time for a change, elect Frank Murkowski
On Nov. 5 voters will select a governor from six candidates. Libertarian Billy Toien and Green Party candidate Diane Benson, Republican Moderate Ray VinZant and Don Wright of the Alaskan Independence Party join Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer and U.S. Sen. Frank Murkowski in the quest for the governor's office.

My Turn: Alaska is long overdue in building a highway system
Economic and social advancement of great civilizations have always been tied to functional surface transportation systems. One needs only to study the Roman Empire and its extensive road system to realize that its culture and economy depended on its roads.

Word Of Mouth
Word of Mouth gives readers a forum to express opinions on a variety of issues by telephone. Calls must be limited to one minute. We reserve the right to edit calls for clarity, length and libel.

Toe Cartoon

My Turn: Disaster declarations too little for industry
I sat in disbelief as I read a quote from Tony Knowles in the Oct. 4 issue of the Kodiak Daily Mirror. Referring to the $180 billion federal farm bill he says, "Why not Alaskan fishermen? Why can't we get national support? We must have national policy that embraces fishermen."

My Turn: 'Trust me' is no plan for Alaska's future
The Anchorage Daily News recently invited gubernatorial candidates to discuss major issues. Republican candidate Frank Murkowski's response was an extended demonization of Fran Ulmer. His premise: "Alaska's economy is not what it was or what it should be... [We have allowed] Outside forces and burdensome government regulations to slowly strangle the resource-based industries that are the foundation of our wealth."

Winter fly fishing grows in the Rockies
BEAVER CREEK, Colo. - Each year more and more people are finding they can catch more than powder during a Colorado winter.

Outdoors Web links
Web sites of interest to local outdoors enthusiasts include:

Hello, Dolly: Kenai angler lands world-record Dolly Varden
KENAI - An 18-year-old has landed a world-record Dolly Varden weighing in at more than 27 pounds. "I wanted to go fishing, and I caught this world-record Dolly," said Mike Curtiss of Kenai.

Fall on the South Fork: Does it get any better?
SWAN VALLEY, Idaho - The giant cottonwoods lining the fabled South Fork of the Snake River are quickly losing their golden autumn sheen, a seasonal event that might disappoint some.

Smile, you're on candid bearcam
ANCHORAGE - If you encounter a black bear in Anchorage during the next few weeks, remember not to run or back down. Oh, and one other thing: Smile if you can. That bear might just be taking your picture.

Out and About
In season: Black bear (Sept. 1-June 30), brown bear (Sept. 15-Dec. 31, March 15-May 31), deer (Sept. 15-Dec. 31), mountain goat (Sept. 1 or Oct. 1, depending on area,-Nov. 31), wolf (Aug. 1-April 30), wolverine (Nov. 10-Feb. 15), ducks, geese, brants, snipe, crane (Sept. 1-Dec. 15), red and blue king crab (Oct. 1-March 31), coho salmon (June-Nov.).

Boozer scores two in final preseason game
LOS ANGELES - Rookie center Dan Gadzuric scored 19 points and pulled down nine rebounds to lead the Milwaukee Bucks to a 104-95 victory Friday night in the last preseason game for both teams.

Rosen powers way to world crown
Juneau powerlifter Ira Rosen waited week after week for the news this summer. Rosen, 52, a national record holder in his weight class of the men's masters age 50-54 competition, was forced to miss this year's national masters championships in May due to a back injury. But he still had a shot at making this month's world competition in Villa de Maria, Argentina, as an alternate, and he waited to hear from the U.S. team coach.

Sports in Juneau
Sports in Juneau is a service provided by the Juneau Empire to provide information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

North team wins annual Al Aska Shrine Classic
Led by several members of Bartlett's undefeated state championship football team, the North team claimed a 26-12 victory over the South in the 25th Annual Al Aska Shrine Classic on Saturday afternoon at Anchorage Football Stadium.

Lakers go for fourth straight title
The quest for a four-peat has begun, and so has the taunting from the Los Angeles Lakers.

Michigan wins two over Alaska Fairbanks
ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Jed Ortmeyer scored in the second and third periods to help Michigan to a 6-2 victory Saturday night over Alaska Fairbanks.

Sports in Juneau
Information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Crimson Bears go unbeaten
When they first started practicing back in August, the Juneau-Douglas High School volleyball players weren't sure how good they'd be this year.This weekend, the Crimson Bears completed an undefeated regular season by sweeping a pair of matches from the Sitka Wolves at the JDHS main gym. Juneau made little work of Sitka - which was missing two key starters - winning 15-1, 15-1, 15-4 on Friday and 15-2, 15-2, 15-7 on Saturday.

AHFC seeks backing for veterans-home bonds
ANCHORAGE - Alaska voters will go to the polls Nov. 5 to decide whether to back bonds that would give veterans lower interest rates when they buy homes. Voting yes means the state will guarantee up to $500 million in Alaska Housing Finance Corp. revenue bonds.

Anti-war march in Anchorage
Two women carry signs honoring U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone at a Saturday rally opposing military action against Iraq. Wellstone, a Minnesota Democrat killed last week in a plane crash, opposed a congressional resolution authorizing military action against Iraq. The rally coincided with other anti-war rallies across the country.

State Briefs
Workers hope to reopen Sterling Highway today; Four Dryden Middle School students busted on pot charges; Cost of reprinting election books higher than estimated; Medical board suspends Eagle River doctor;

Ulmer aims to be state's first woman governor
She's been part of the inner circle for the past eight years, serving as lieutenant to a popular two-term governor. But Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer has been waging largely an underdog campaign in her bid to become the first woman elected to the state's top office. And that's with good reason.

Road to Homer reopened
The Sterling Highway, which connects Homer with the rest of the Kenai Peninsula, was reopened today. Murph O'Brien with the state Department of Transportation said the washouts at the Deep Creek Bridge have undergone their initial repair and one lane of the highway is reopened with flaggers directing traffic. The Sterling Highway at Stariski Creek also is opened to one lane of traffic.

Race for governor's seat
Opponents: Republican gubernatorial candidate Sen. Frank Murkowski, an Alaska Republican, left, shakes the hand of Democratic candidate Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer after a gubernatorial forum at the Alaska Federation of Natives convention Friday in Anchorage.

Petersburg: DOT changes its mind on project
The state Department of Transportation has backed out of an agreement with the city of Petersburg to convey the Scow Bay Turnaround property to the city in exchange for the city's construction of an airport sewer project.

Alaska Natives opt against backing gubernatorial candidate
The Alaska Federation of Natives will not endorse a candidate for governor this year. The question never came to the floor at the annual convention, which in itself speaks volumes, said AFN Chief of Staff Mike Irwin. The largest annual gathering of Native people in the state ended Saturday.

Resolutions at annual convention focus on tribal sovereignty
Delegates to the Alaska Federation of Natives annual convention voted over the weekend to approve resolutions to protect tribal sovereignty.

Murkowski seeks solutions in oil drilling
Frank Murkowski thinks a little belt-tightening and a lot more oil could plug the nation's largest state budget gap. Republican Murkowski says his plan could spare Alaskans from opening their pocketbooks after a generation of not paying a statewide income tax. But Murkowski's approach has its detractors, and a state oil regulator says, while possible, it would be a Herculean feat.

One Ward challenger drops out of race
The Democrat seeking to unseat state Sen. Jerry Ward has dropped out and thrown his support to the Republican Moderate in the race.

Haines: Man confesses to 30-year-old arson
Sometimes justice really is blind. Ask Phillip Jackson. He was convicted nearly three decades ago of starting the fire that destroyed the Haines school.

Lockout led to pamphlet delay
Voter pamphlets for the Nov. 5 election arrived late in Juneau residents' mailboxes last week due in part to a 10-day West Coast dockworkers lockout, according to the state Division of Elections.

Gubernatorial hopefuls duel at AFN convention
ANCHORAGE - Democrat Fran Ulmer received the loudest applause Friday when she said, unlike Republican opponent Frank Murkowski, she doesn't pretend to have all the answers. Gubernatorial candidates Ulmer and Murkowski volleyed back and forth - with four other candidates weighing in - as they answered questions posed by a panel at the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention.

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