Don't appease the majority

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Monday, October 28, 2002

I am a lifelong Alaskan and I believe Kim Elton has done a great job as Juneau's senator for the past four years. We are lucky Kim is willing to serve. Kim fights hard every day for the families and working people of Juneau and brings home real results because of his integrity, honesty, and sincere commitment to doing the right thing - not just for the people of Juneau, but for all Alaskans.

Kim's opponent seems to think she can bring good to Juneau by joining forces with the Railbelt majority members who already have formed a powerful coalition to strip the outlying communities of their rightful share of funding for vital services, facilities and education.

I remind readers that many of these individuals are the same ones behind the effort to move the capital from Juneau. To my thinking, this would be no different than surrendering to the enemy in the hopes that they will go gentle on us. Appeasement does not work. It never has. We must stand firm with our friends throughout Southeast and rural Alaska and fight for what is right. Sen. Kim Elton will continue to be a great leader in the effort to defend our people, our capital, and our way of life.

George Ascott


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