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Letter to the Editor

Posted: Monday, October 28, 2002

Cathy Muñoz is skilled at balancing many diverse opinions. A good example of this was her work as co-chair of the Trails Working Group. Cathy brought together the Forest Service, CBJ, Department of Natural Resources, Trail Mix, small business owners, and the public to complete the first comprehensive plan which supported local business while mitigating the impacts of tourism.

As a tour operator, I appreciated her leadership in guiding this process through to an end that gave our shore excursion operators the ability to deliver a great tour experience, allowed our guests access to Juneau's great trail systems and respected the needs of the community.

This was the first and only successful tourism plan that designated public lands for non-commercial use. Areas like Granite Creek Basin were selected to remain non-commercial while improvements were made to other areas to better accommodate commercial groups.

Cathy will bring this same spirit of collaboration to the state Senate. She remains committed to conservation, while supporting economic projects of importance to Juneau and our Southeast neighbors.

For the capital to remain in Juneau, we need the support of our Southeast neighbors. Because Cathy Muñoz understands the interdependence of Southeast Alaska, Juneau needs Cathy's voice in the state Senate.

Linda Huston


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