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Letter to the Editor

Posted: Monday, October 28, 2002

Sen. Kim Elton deserves reelection because of his great success in bringing good jobs and economic development to Juneau.

For eight years, Kim has fought in the House and Senate to keep the Legislature and the capital here, and no capital or legislative move initiative has seen the light of day while Kim was on the job.

Kim fights tooth and nail to keep state jobs in Juneau. As a result - contrary to what some tell us - there are more state jobs in Juneau now than eight years ago.

Kim works tirelessly to increase funding for our schools and university, the cornerstones of future economic development. As a result, UAS has expanded and is better funded than ever. Millions of state dollars have gone to repairing our existing K-12 schools, and money for a new high school is on the ballot.

Kim knows how important infrastructure is to economic development, and he's brought many road, harbor, and building projects to Juneau.

Kim was a fisherman and understands fisheries, and he's worked to improve marketing for our fish and funding for Fish and Game.

Finally, Kim knows for Juneau to grow, all of Southeast must grow, and he's worked with Southeast legislators and mayors of both parties to improve ferry service and economic opportunities throughout the region.

If you're looking for jobs and economic growth, Kim Elton is the best candidate for state Senate.

Johnny Ceffalio


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