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Posted: Monday, October 28, 2002

I'm not surprised the publisher of the Empire endorsed the Republican candidate for governor in the Sunday edition, given the conservative flavor of the editorial page in recent years. But I think Mr. Smith has it backwards, and should perhaps go to Washington where he will feel more comfortable, and where his choice for governor actually belongs. A Sitka writer said it best in a letter published here some time ago, when he stated the obvious: We need Sen. Murkowski in the U.S. Senate where he usually knows what's going on and, teamed with our delegation, can get things done. His campaign thus far has proved that he knows far too little about what it takes to govern Alaska.

In fact, the Sunday My Turn by George Rogers contained twice as many facts per column-inch as the editorial, and points out real flaws in the Murkowski view (I can't really call it a "plan.") My advice to voters would be to read Mr. Rogers again and ignore the editorial. I mean come on, do you really think Alaska's transportation infrastructure problems are a product of Fran Ulmer's work with the governor and Legislature; or that new highway construction in Alaska is more an issue of gubernatorial will and experience than of U.S. congressional pork-chopping?

It's interesting to watch various politicos and media types rewrite history to shore-up their case that citizens should vote this way or that. Mr. Smith's interpretation almost made me nostalgic for an Alaska of superhighways and railroads, industry and infrastructure that could have been, if only... If only what? The reader is left to conclude that the war veterans and pioneers among us laid the foundation for a future that, were it not for the Ulmers among us, should have, could have, would have been. I'll delete the expletive, but in my view that kind of (deleted) smells so bad I had to open all the windows after I read it.

It is the Ulmers among us (and her Republican counterparts) who we should support. They are for development, but it has to make sense. They want to solve problems in a way that does not create new ones. They are dedicated to bringing us together, not splitting us apart. As the best example of the kind of politician we need in this era of corporate corruption and global connection, Fran Ulmer has my vote.

Ted Wright


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