Imagine the ideal governor

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Monday, October 28, 2002

Imagine a governor who is honest, genuine, smart, hard working, personable, and easy to understand. Imagine a governor who becomes as informed as possible before making decisions, makes every attempt to understand all points of view, and is responsible with the use of public money. Imagine a governor who understands the need for a sustainable economy - one that strikes that often difficult and debatable balance between developing and protecting Alaska's natural resources, and who tries to be as specific as possible in describing a vision for our state's future. Imagine a governor who understands and supports the value of education and good healthy upbringing of Alaska's children. Imagine a governor who supports a woman's right to safe and legal reproductive health services - without interference from government.

If most or all of these qualities are important to you, I encourage you to vote for Fran Ulmer as governor. I have watched Fran serve effectively as key staff to a Republican governor and as city mayor, legislator, and lieutenant governor. All things considered, she is clearly the most highly qualified candidate for our state's top public office. I am confident that she will work hard to deserve the support you give to her on Nov. 5 .

Bruce Baker


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