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Posted: Monday, October 28, 2002

I suppose we shouldn't be surprised by the Juneau Empire's endorsement of Frank Murkowski. But, oh for the days when a hometown newspaper was owned by people who lived in the town! For what does this endorsement represent?

Not the views of the journalists who work for it, not the views of its citizens advisory committee, and certainly not the views of most of its readers. Juneau's residents love Fran and elected her mayor, then state representative four times before she ever became our terrific lieutenant governor. We are proud of Fran, trust her, and will elect her by a wide margin. She should have had the endorsement of her hometown paper.

I suppose, however, that this endorsement really represents the views of the publisher and the company that hired him, Morris Communications of Georgia. As far as Frank goes, I'm sure they are right in their assessment: As governor, he surely would represent the interests of large corporations as well as he has in the Senate. By the way, Frank was kind of indecisive on the capital move issue in last Tuesday's televised debate. He said it wouldn't be a good idea right now, "at a time when we have other priorities in the state of Alaska." Talk about leaving wiggle room! What could possibly be worse for Juneau businesses than moving the capital? We know where Fran stands - she stands against the move and she stands for us!

Since we're only allowed one election-season letter, I'd like to make a pitch for Kim Elton as well. Cathy Muñoz's message seems to be basically that she's a Republican, but a moderate one - not an extremist. And she wouldn't be like some of those dinosaurs we've got rampaging around in the Legislature. But she would be hanging out with them and getting poor advice - for example, take this nasty letter-writing campaign against Kim Elton. It's bound to backfire. He's such a good man, and an outstanding senator - intelligent, hardworking, and he and Beth Kerttula make such a great team. They represent us extremely well. Vote for Kim. Vote for Fran. Let's ensure that this state remains a decent place for families to live and local businesses to thrive.

Nina Mollett


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