Government should enhance private-sector economy

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Monday, October 28, 2002

Alaska has the opportunity to return to its "statehood roots" and get out of the environmental "dark ages" we have been laboring under since the gubernatorial election of 1974. This can be accomplished by electing Frank Murkowski governor in the upcoming election.

Murkowski (unlike his opponent, who is one of the architects of "voodoo ecology" that has denigrated our wildlife populations, allowed our forests to succumb to insects and disease, and fought every attempt to scientifically manage fish, wildlife, rangelands and forests) recognizes the wisdom put forth in Article VIII, Natural Resources, of the Alaska State Constitution.

This article, alone among all state constitutions, that was heralded by the enlightened conservation community of the 1950s (unlike the shortsighted "political ecologists" of today) requires that Alaska's resources be developed, conserved and in the case of replenishable resources be managed for maximum sustained yields.

It is by wisely utilizing these resources that we can erase the so-called government fiscal gap, while allowing individuals to live without dependence on government for transfer payments. The issue is not to make government richer, but instead use government, and the people's resources, to enhance the private sector economy.

Terry T. Brady


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