Please be more courteous on trails

Posted: Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I must comment on the committee to look into dogs on trails and dogs on trails in general. I walk my dog on the trail along the Mendenhall River three or more days a week year-round. Some of the other dogs we encounter are better behaved than others, but I have never felt myself or my dog in danger from another dog. I cannot say the same for a few inconsiderate bicycle riders. Several times we have come very close to being hit by riders who were going very fast and not making noise so we would know they were overtaking us. I am also frustrated by people who do not clean up after their dogs and horses. But I would not suggest for a second that these people, bike riders or horses, be banned from the trail.

We all need to learn to get along together. Banning dogs (or horses or bike riders) is not the solution. Encouraging people to be more courteous is.

Helen Clough


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