Stevens losing chairmanship regardless

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Murkowski campaign and its political advertisements are very focused on Sen. Stevens and his chairmanship of the Appropriations Committee. The most recent ads assert that a vote for Tony Knowles is a vote against Sen. Stevens. The ads strongly imply that Senator Stevens would lose his chairmanship of the Appropriations Committee and his ability to bring home the bacon to Alaska if Tony Knowles is elected as our next senator. This argument is a twisted, manipulative lie.

A recent Anchorage Daily News article states, "Stevens, who turns 81 next month, must give up his appropriations gavel when the new Congress convenes in January. He is forced to do so by the Republicans' self-imposed term limits on their committee chairmen and chairwomen."

Stevens will rotate his chairmanship to someone else, despite Tony Knowles. Maybe the Murkowski campaign should focus its attention on its candidate rather than use scare tactics.

It is imperative that the voters of Alaska vote on the issues and for the candidate who will put Alaska first. Don't be scared into voting for an unfit candidate because of Sen. Stevens' outgoing chairmanship. Sen. Stevens will lose the Appropriations Committee chair no matter who is elected. However, we can elect Tony Knowles and put Alaska's future first.

Alexis Janowiec


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