Stevens sticking up for Alaskans

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, October 28, 2005

I just love it when people from Tennessee, Pennsylvania and elsewhere tell our elected officials how to best take care of Alaskans. Of course, I prefer those people over the so-called Juneauites that come up here out of college and push their politics. Let me ask these folks a question. If I build a home at low tide on the mud flats, would they sacrifice their kids' college fund so I can rebuild my house after the tide comes in and destroys my house? Please? Everyone else says they'll help me. It's the "right" thing to do.

Sounds ridiculous to me too. So why should we rebuild below sea level? We'll just have to do it again. I'm glad Sen. Stevens threatened to resign over the so-called "bridge to nowhere." It shows me that he actually cares more about his constituents than the politics. The thing is, Stevens has been working on these projects for years. Having lived in Juneau, Ketchikan and Anchorage, I can tell you that all three bridges would serve a large part of the communities they would be built in.

In Ketchikan, there aren't many places to build because of the terrain. The people there, who have actually lived there for a while, have wanted and begged for the bridge for years.

In Anchorage, the bridge to Point McKenzie is probably the most important one of all as far as commerce for Alaska. The plan there is for a huge air cargo base that could become the largest air cargo hub in the world, with shipments coming in from all over Asia. The savings in fuel alone for Anchorage and Mat-Su commuters alone will be worth it within a decade.

Mr. Stevens has been trying for years to get much needed services to the communities and constituents whom he was elected to serve. I commend him for not bending to please everyone else. He is and always has been a man of his word, regardless of what the outsiders have to say about him.

And all the college kids from Alaska should stand up to their charismatic professors at the university when they hear them degrading our use of "Alaska's" resources or degrading "Alaska's" elected officials. After all, Ted and company have been sticking up for us for years.

Steve Underwood


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