Taxes prey on weak

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Posted: Friday, October 28, 2005

Here we go again. The Juneau Assembly's finance committee on Wednesday advanced proposals that would further tax boat and aircraft owners. Most of us have heard the saying "divide and conquer"? Well, our local government uses this tactic routinely in its approach to spending and taxing. They carefully target groups which are the weakest. Most recently, senior citizens and the live-aboard population in our harbors wore the bull's eye on their backs.

One needs to keep track of this bull's eye as our city administrators and the assembly continue to feed their habit of tax and spend with little regard to how it affects the average Joe. It is like a cancer growth within our system. The more you feed it, the greater its demand. One point that is really interesting: When another vehicle for raising revenue is proposed or created, it automatically requires new staff to administer, police, appraise and monitor the sucking sound as the dollar is ripped from our pocket. The malignant tumor grows even larger.

This latest proposal targets the private boat owner, the commercial fisherman, their equipment and the private aircraft owner. One can be assured, that sitting on the back burner, the private automobile has been considered as means to further enhance their pot of gold.

It is time that we really revolt and bring this out-of-control tax-and-spend climate to a screeching halt. We need some major surgery now. Natural growth in our community should maintain any necessary increased costs for local government. The current policies are functioning as a deterrent, driving individuals from our community and suppressing economic development. A reasonable gesture for everyone in our community would be to eliminate the sales tax that is charged for heating fuel and/or any other utility or service necessary for day-to-day survival. Another idea that has a lot of merit is the sales tax on groceries and prescription drugs. A show of good faith would go a long way in proving that local government does have the community's best interests in their heart. The city of Juneau needs to tighten up it's belt just like the rest of us have.

Mark Burgoyne


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