Muñoz can work across party lines

Posted: Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This letter is in support of Cathy Muñoz for the office of state Representative.

Cathy is a lifelong Alaskan with deep family roots in public service to Alaska and its people. She has worked in the trenches - from her voluntary involvement in many organizations, to her recent work as chairwoman of the Affordable Housing Commission. She has proven her ability to work across party lines and represent all the people of the district fairly and evenly. Her ability to bring together divergent factions is one of her strongest suits. She was selected to serve on the Juneau Assembly and then was elected to retain her office.

Cathy not only comes from a family of three children, she also has two children of her own. She knows firsthand what it takes to raise a family. A living wage for white and blue collar workers is part and parcel of her platform - good steady jobs that can raise families and keep our young people in town.

Cathy is not confrontational. Her strength is in her knowledge and experience. Her fiscal experience in government and as a business owner are assets that will stand her well as our representative. I urge all of you to please vote and get out the vote for Cathy Muñoz. You won't regret it. Thank you.

T. Kelly Corrigan


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