Two high school boys disciplined for streaking

Stunt occurs in front of JDHS's entire student body of 900

Posted: Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Juneau-Douglas High School student body got a full frontal surprise at a gathering Monday.

The students, about 900 total, had gathered in the gym and were watching an anti-drug and alcohol pantomime for Red Ribbon week when two male students wearing masks - one wearing fairy wings - streaked through the gym, past performers and out the door.

Eyewitness accounts varied. Students and school officials reported the streakers' masks were either of John McCain, George Bush or Bill Clinton, and that one of the two boys may have been wearing a thong.

School district spokeswoman Kristin Bartlett said the boys had been disciplined, but declined to specify how, citing student privacy. The Empire is not naming the youths.

Some students said they thought the stunt was funny; others weren't amused.

Brothers Jayralph and Jestoni Feliciano, a junior and a freshman, respectively, said at first they thought the streakers were part of the act - until they could see their "details."

"It was awkward," said Jayralph.

Freshmen Taylor Daniels and Tempest Smith both said they "just started to laugh."

Senior Cameron Brockett said "to most of the students it didn't seem like a big deal, but they interrupted the acting skit. I know a lot of the kids from that just got incredibly upset."

Drama teacher Michaela Moore said the skit was "a really serious pantomime."

"We worked really hard on it. It was showing the effects of what drug and alcohol does to people's lives," she said. "We were at the most climactic part when they decided to do that."

They couldn't finish their performance, she said.

"They think it's a big joke, but it's not a big joke to my kids that were trying to do something important and serious," Moore said, adding that she was surprised because the streakers were "the cream of the crop."

Some students said they knew about it beforehand; one student reportedly filmed it.

"It was just one of those high school things," said Brockett.

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