A vote for Miller is a vote for a senator, not a lobbyist

Posted: Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Lisa Murkowski campaign boils down to one issue that concerns all U.S. citizens, not just Alaskans. It can be summarized as follows: we need to vote for the status quo so that Alaska can continue to collect benefits from Washington, DC. The comic irony is that this is the reasoning of the Democratic contender as well.

Ask yourself: How have we gotten to the place where our jobs and the economic well-being of our families and communities depends on having a politician warming a particular chair on the right committee? Are we electing a senator or a lobbyist? This needs to change and in November you will have a rare opportunity to do just that - by voting for Joe Miller.

Alaska's economy needs to move beyond fishing and groveling for federal grants. To achieve this we require intelligent and energetic leadership that can send a jolt to the old political guard; a senator that will gain release of our own natural resources from a ham-handed federal bureaucracy. A senator that still sees Alaska as a vigorous young state with unimagined opportunities and not as a fragile appendage of the federal parks system.

We also need new blood in Washington; untainted leadership that can demonstrate moral courage instead of selling out at every turn. Miller, as a West Point honors graduate, a Yale law graduate, a judge, and a decorated Gulf War veteran, is exceptionally bright and shows steel in his character. He is a good listener, but no pushover. He won't swoon and compromise under the gaze of Harry Reid and Barney Frank - if they are still around after the November election.

Remember, it's the very definition of foolishness to repeat the same mistake over and over while expecting a different result. It looks like there will be three choices in November, but only one of those choices will make a change - Joe Miller.

Russ Thynes


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