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Posted: Thursday, October 28, 2010

I am writing this letter to express my support for Joe Miller for U.S. Senate. In so doing, I have made several drafts in an effort to curb my urge to launch a much-needed journalistic counter-attack. However, I believe staying positive is the right thing to do so that's where I'll focus my efforts.

First of all, Miller is a Godly man. I don't know where that sits with you but it's of utmost importance to me. Not that he's perfect; he never claimed to be. But he believes in the God that founded our great country and the original intent of the heroes who gave us our Constitution. And, more importantly, his positions on issues reflect that faith. From being pro-life to being anti-big government, these are values I can stand behind. The same can be said for upholding the Second Amendment, which was adopted only four years after the Constitution.

Also significant to me is the fact Miller served our country. He is a decorated war veteran. Let's not let that fall too lightly. It takes courage and sacrifice to do the things he and so many others did and continue to do every day on our behalf in enemy territory in foreign lands. It deserves respect.

Practically speaking, I am impressed by Miller's resume, if you will. I would encourage anyone to go to his website ( and click on Candidate Records. He graduated from West Point with honors, he holds a law degree from Yale, and he recently earned a master's degree in economics (a subject of obvious concern to our nation). Professionally, he has excelled in the legal field. I also appreciate that Joe is an entrepreneur. Owning your own business takes initiative, courage, faith, and perseverance. It also takes a more independent spirit. No wonder he believes in less government, free enterprise, and tax reform. Unfortunately, the current tax laws are so burdensome that many great people and ideas are stifled beneath them.

In conclusion, I understand it can be difficult to see clearly when there's so much mud being thrown in our eyes, but I encourage you to do what you can to focus your vision on the current state of our country, examine the voting record of the incumbent, and look ahead to determine if you want to stay the course or change directions.

Barbara Fiscus


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