McAdams can work for Alaska for 40 years

Posted: Thursday, October 28, 2010

It will be a cold day in hell before I vote for Joe Miller or Lisa Murkowski, two extremists whose party loyalties supersede their commitment to the people of Alaska.

Miller took full advantage of all our great state and country had to offer him. He got a good education, financed by the federal government, and a job with a good government salary and health and retirement benefits. Now he's affiliated with the Republican tea party that wants to eliminate all such programs for the rest of us.

Murkowski wholeheartedly supported George Bush's disastrous economic programs and then spent the last year trying to block any reforms aimed at fixing what she broke. Murkowski has never supported working people and she shares a major part of the blame for the country's current economic situation.

The clear choice for U.S. Senate this year is Scott McAdams. He has worked as a non-partisan to make his community and state better. I've known McAdams a long time. We served on school boards at the same time and worked together to improve public education in Alaska. We later sat on opposite sides of the table and negotiated a collective bargaining agreement for the city of Sitka. I came away from those experiences knowing that he is fair, smart, tough and a man of his word.

McAdams is practical, Alaskan and non-partisan in his approach to helping people. At his age, with his experience, he will be a U.S. Senator in the majority able to deftly build the seniority necessary to take care of Alaska for the next 40 years.

Most important to Alaska, Scott supports rebuilding Alaska and United States infrastructure and creating the jobs that go with it. He supports investing in public education from pre-primary to post-secondary. He also knows firsthand that rebuilding and protecting a middle class in this country that can retire with security and access to health care is the only way to make our country the best in the world. These are the values Alaska needs in Washington D.C.

Please vote your values, not your fears. Vote for McAdams.

Jake Metcalfe


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