Advisory committee addresses seat holder criteria

Posted: Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Juneau/Douglas Fish and Game Advisory Committee narrowed down seat holder criteria and other housekeeping issues during its fourth meeting of the year on Tuesday.

Committee chair Mike Peterson said the committee decided on actions to take when status changes interfere with criteria for a seat holder during his or her three-year tenure on that seat. He said it was decided that if these circumstances arise, that person must inform the chair and resign his or her seat.

He said this was exemplified at the meeting when Jake Carte, who held the sport fish, hunting and personal use seat had to do just that. He said Carte had purchased a hand trolling permit within the last few years, which interfered with the seat's requirement of not holding commercial fishing, charter or guide licenses.

He said after surrendering that seat, Carte moved into the vacant commercial fishing seat on the committee. This seat expires on Dec. 31.

Peterson said another issue discussed was to further define the word "active," as it applies to seat holder requirements. He said it was decided that "active" is characterized by current activity, participation or use within a year.

He explained that this definition is important as seat holders need a working knowledge and recent engagement in their designated areas.

The other issue deliberated was the question of whether the committee is fairly and accurately representing the community of Juneau, he said.

He said he was concerned about this and that the committee needed to examine itself further on this question. He said a subcommittee was formed to work on this.

There are 15 seats and two alternates on the committee. These fall under nine categories.

The state requires the committee to meet at least twice a year or as needed to address Board of Fish and Board of Game proposals.

Peterson said the Advisory Committee has also discussed federal subsistence proposals.

Information on the committee can be provided by Peterson at 723-8369 or regional coordinator Scott Crass at 465-4046.

• Contact reporter Jonathan Grass at 523-2276 or at

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