Letter: Prop 4 would hurt public education

Posted: Sunday, October 29, 2000

Proposition 4 is a bad idea for Juneau for several reasons, but it would be especially bad for education. Juneau is very supportive of its schools. Witness the last municipal election when voters approved more than $7 million (70 percent reimbursement from the state) in general obligation bonds to repair and renovate several of our schools.

Voters also approved in that election $4 million to make some immediate changes to Juneau-Douglas High School that were not included in the basic renovation package of one year ago. One year ago in the municipal election, Juneau voters approved funding for a new valley high school. If Proposition 4 passes, the valley high school will not be possible using our present funding methods.

Proposition 4 is a bad idea. It could affect the operating budget for the schools. Present and for the last several years, the school district's budget has been funded to the maximum amount allowed by state law. If Proposition 4 passes, the assembly would have to cut $1.6 million from its budget. Operating and funding the present educational system fully would require some creative financing. Trying to operate another high school as part of the system would be impossible.

Crippling our educational system is one of the reasons that Proposition 4 is a bad idea. Please join me in voting No on Proposition 4.

Ken Koelsch


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