Letter: Don't accept silence

Posted: Sunday, October 29, 2000

I am voting NO on Proposition 1 on Nov. 7. If adopted, Prop 1 would amend the Alaska Constitution. It would prohibit residents from using the initiative process to vote on matters regarding wildlife. Currently, Alaska's Constitution reserves the public right to "propose and enact laws by the initiative." This initiative process has been a vital part of our state constitution since statehood. Now, members of the Legislature want to eliminate Alaskan citizens' right to vote on wildlife issues. They are asking us to willingly choose to silence our voices.

Prop 1 blatantly undercuts fundamental public rights. By eliminating the initiative process, voters' ability to participate in decision-making is significantly restricted.

Prop 1 is insulting. It suggests that the public is too dimwitted and gullible to make intelligent decisions. By voting NO on Prop 1, voters send the message that we trust ourselves to make informed choices about issues which affect us.

Prop 1 is undemocratic. It takes power away from the people and gives it to politicians and special interest groups. By revoking the initiative process, it eliminates important checks on the Legislature and other groups, and promotes unbalanced decision-making.

Please join me in voting NO on Proposition 1. This is an opportunity for the public to send a clear message to the Legislature. The initiative process is an important fundamental right. Voters are capable of making intelligent decisions. The values that the public holds regarding wildlife in our state will not be brushed aside.

Lori Teel Crupi


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