Politician and role model

Posted: Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Having grown up in Alaska and spent part of that time in Juneau working in the Legislature, I like to follow the ongoing issues facing Alaska. With the governor race I find two qualified candidates, however uniquely qualified in different ways.

I have never met Sen. Murkowski so I cannot speak to potential as the governor. In my mind, Sen. Murkowski is best suited in his role as U.S. senator. He has tenure, he has the power that can only come from a long stay in the Senate. Let's be fair, to give that up would not serve the best interests of Alaskans.

I have worked with Fran Ulmer and can speak to her abilities. I worked three sessions in the Alaska Legislature, two on the House of Representatives floor. This gave me an up close view of Fran and her ability to work for the people of Alaska. I saw how genuinely she cared for how legislation would effect the daily lives of Alaskans, from Barrow to Sitka to Anchorage and Dutch Harbor. I know she will continue her work as leading the Alaskans as governor as well.

I have a 15-year-old daughter, and have used Fran as an example of what someone should strive for. If my daughter grows into a young woman and turns out much like Fran, I would be a very happy father. That is pretty rare now a days, a politician you wouldn't mind your child being like.

I wish all Alaskans the best and urge their support to Fran Ulmer.

Dan Garrett

Des Moines, Iowa

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