Weyhrauch supports fishermen

Posted: Tuesday, October 29, 2002

As commercial fishermen and long-time residents of Juneau, we support Bruce Weyhrauch for House District 4. For many years, Bruce has worked closely with Southeast Alaska's fisheries, representing various commercial fleets before Alaska's Legislature, with federal agencies, and in the court system. He has pursued a consistent and effective effort to keep the fishing industry as a viable contributor in Juneau's and the region's economies. In 1994, the Alaska Trollers Association highlighted Weyhrauch's effort and accomplishments by awarding him the Friend of the Alaska Troll Fleet, recognizing especially his meritorious service on Pacific Salmon Treaty issues and supporting preservation of traditional fisheries in Glacier Bay.

Bruce Weyhrauch was the prime mover in building the Alaska Fishermen's Memorial, honoring Juneau's fallen fishermen. He continues to serve on the Memorial Board of Directors as its president. Each spring this memorial takes on special meaning as Juneau's commercial fishing families gather for the blessing of the fleet.

While Bruce's efforts on behalf of Juneau's herring, halibut, salmon, shrimp and crab fishermen have been effective and greatly appreciated, his talents and commitment to our community obviously extend well beyond the fisheries. He is a forceful advocate for retaining the capital, for needed diversification in Juneau's economy, for closer ties with other communities in the Southeast region, and for bringing the Legislature to grips with a rational fiscal plan. Bruce Weyhrauch is moderate, practical and a leader. He is a most fitting candidate to continue in Bill Hudson's footsteps. We believe that he will provide Juneau with effective, respected representation immediately and, hopefully, in future legislatures.

We urge your vote for Bruce Weyhrauch for House District 4 on Nov. 5.

Len Peterson

Jev Shelton


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