Rare leadership

Posted: Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Juneau is lucky this year. We have two really qualified people running for the state Senate. They both know our community; they've both served on the Assembly; they both have businesses and families here in the capital.

How to choose between them? This may seem like it's right out of a junior high civics book, but I'm voting for the one who best represents me. Cathy Muñoz makes a lot of interesting arguments about being in the majority, but I don't like much of what that majority has spent the last few years working on. I'm voting for the person, not the party.

Kim Elton has done nothing but work for Juneau. He doesn't let his party or his caucus tell him how to vote. He doesn't even mind voting against his friends if it's the right thing for Juneau. That kind of leadership is rare these days, and Juneau needs someone like that working for us. Juneau needs experienced, effective representation. That is what Kim Elton gives us. I like Cathy, but I'm voting for Kim.

Myra M. Munson


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