Crab harvesters are for Bruce

Posted: Tuesday, October 29, 2002

We members of the largest association of Bering Sea crab harvesters are writing in support of Bruce Weyhrauch in his bid for Alaska Legislature. Bruce is very well qualified for this position and will make a great legislator.

He is very familiar with legislative process, and has worked with us on legislative matters for more than a decade. Bruce understands fisheries issues thoroughly, and has assisted us in these often complex matters. He has helped us to prepare matters for the Board of Fish and the North Pacific Fishery Management Council, and has represented us before other state and federal agencies. Bruce understands the precarious balance that harvesters must maintain, in order to provide for present economic need and to conserve the resources for the future. He also has a keen understanding of the necessity to maintain harvester independence, and the importance this plays in helping to preserve economic freedom for Alaska.

Juneau voters, and Alaskans, will be fortunate to have Bruce Weyhrauch for a representative in the Alaska Legislature.

Gordon Blue

President, CRAB Group


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