Candidate with backbone

Posted: Tuesday, October 29, 2002

We all have our own way of divining whom we will vote for. Pet issues, campaign promises, flyers we get in the mail, opinions of trusted friends, all of these play their part. But how well do we know these people? Probably not well enough. I was tired of choosing whom to vote for without really knowing the person who would get my vote. I took some time a few months ago and managed to meet personally with both of the candidates, a luxury not many of us have the time for.

Bruce Weyhrauch walked in and placed a picture of his family of the table and one of his first statements to me was that his first priority was his family. He said many other things that I liked. He was for early intervention for our children when something goes wrong. For education funding even during tough economic times as the children have and always will be our future. He understood that a high school in the Valley wasn't a luxury but a necessity. He talked of a swimming pool in a Valley location. He had a desire to serve the people of Juneau. Most importantly he didn't tell me what I wanted to hear. Yes, you heard me right he didn't agree with everything I hit him with and I am still voting for him.

I want someone who has a backbone. Bruce Weyhrauch's first priority is in the right place his family. His family comes first. I think that someone who has their own priorities in the right order is more likely to do the right thing for me and my family. It shows true character, which is something we need in our representative. So please join with me in voting for Bruce Weyhrauch - we need him.

We also need to keep the Legislature and if we can't get out the vote to keep it we will have to endure the suffering that will come from losing it.

Jodi Rumph


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