Stuck with the bill

Posted: Tuesday, October 29, 2002

I would like to thank the people who just voted to raise my property taxes. I am willing to bet that the Bond Proposition 1 was passed by a small number of voters who will have no property tax bill due at the end of next September.

There are two other things that make me quite concerned about the way the Borough Assembly is operating;

1. Why did they feel it was necessary to lump all of the various issues into one vote? Was it an attempt to find enough votes for the total package to pass when no issue would have garnered enough votes on its own merits? If the property owners are going to have to pay for an improvement, shouldn't they be the only ones to vote for or against raising their taxes? How has it come to pass that the people who don't pay can obligate the people who do? Wouldn't it be far more reasonable for the whole voting population to vote for a sales tax to cover these expenses? At least then the transient people who impact our community would help support the rest of us who live here and put up with the social impacts of the ones who leave in September.

2. What happened to the Local Improvement District (LID) process to fund projects? I see that we, the property owners, are now paying for the water line extension past Tee Harbor and yet the process has been that the borough would front the money to build an improvement and the property owners, who gain benefits, would pay back the borough through increased charges on their monthly billing for a set term. All of the people who benefit from the loan by the borough, would also have the obligation to repay their neighbors who loaned them the money. When sales tax is used, we all pay as a community. This seems to be a fair method.

It is worth noting that the people who live in that area moved there with full knowledge that water and sewer were not available. I did when I lived there. I would be very happy to help my fellow landowners improve their situation, as I'm sure they will be happy to help me when I have a need. I have to question what right one class of voters has to obligate the resources of others?

I may be out of touch with the current way of thinking as to how a community should work. I admit that I don't understand the term, "fuzzy logic." I do have a basic understanding of the concept of "common sense."

Perhaps it is time for the property owners to form a group to lobby for their rights!

Stand by for the next bond issue that may actually have a benefit to the whole community and don't forget to ask the people who have to pay for it, what they think.

William D. Field

Auke Bay

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